What are your thoughts when you think about fatherhood? Is it a fad, reality or something created and dumped upon us by generations past? Do i have to be a father to experience fatherhood.

We live in a generation where this role has been played down and the value of fatherhood missing from the lives of people who deserve to experience this wonderful roles. Man has tried all sorts of things to replace the place of the father, unfortunately in my opinion it hasn’t worked out.

The creator of the whole earth did it from the concept of fatherhood. He made man and craved fellowship out of a freewill and with a bit of help from Eve so fatherhood won’t be like a burden upon Adam negatively. Unfortunately, Adam didn’t handle the responsibility given him well and we still see the effects of that same error today. Genesis 1 – 3.

Everyone needs a father input into their lives. Fathers are role models created to input direction into the lives of the younger ones.

If God created the idea, I am of the opinion that he is the best to show us how to excel at this life long task. You know, we never stop being fathers as long as we live on the earth.

It’s fun being a father.

Having said all that, here at pleasing the father, we do hope to create a platform where fathers can share their experiences, pains, victories and what have you. Albeit from a Christian perspective the idea is to be able to learn about fatherhood, look to your ideas for help and also take time to pray for our nations every time we can. 1Timothy 2 : 1-3 [insertmyadsense]

I may not like my president, my prime minister or even the unelected leader of my nation, my council, my group or even my associations. We are admonished to pray for them so they can lead us aright and with the wisdom of God working in them.

An example that readily comes to mind is the present state of the USA. Democratically elected president Donald Trump needs the prayers of the people of the USA to be able to lead the country wisely.

Let’s please the father.


We are dedicated to praying to the father for our nations!!

We would also in the busy-ness of our lives make this platform collaborative, look for opportunities to discuss how we can be better at fatherhood.

How is your listening skill as a father? Can your kids discuss anything with you? Are you approachable? Are you fun to be with as a father.? What is your impressions about fatherhood.

Anything you can bring to the table will be absolutely welcome. At the end of the day I am sure we all want to be awesome fathers who are changing and molding young lives to replicate our deeds and go on to change their worlds.

After all, their world is being formed by you presently, Let’s do a good job.

Remember, good fatherhood is about praying for our nations and our kids are part of our nations.


Fatherhood and the nation!!

Every nation needs a father. We have leaders of all sorts leading us in different capacities. The smallest unit of leadership is the family and fathers.

Let’s have your opinions on fatherhood!! Please leave your comments below

fatherhood and the nation


It’s about you and Him

Everyone craves for a relationship,

God made us in His image and Likeness

He desires our fellowship and freewill worship

What is your relationship with Him.

Seek his presence and he will be found.

It will always be about you and him.

He is the maker of the ends of the earth.

Remember He made you from his own essence.

His breath lives largely in you

He desires you and you alone.